Our story

1999 when everything began
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About us

In 1999, the planning by Mattias Cöster begins. The idea of ​​offering heliskiing built from the "Canadian model", heliski trip with everything included.

In 2004 Arctic Elements AB is founded by Mattias Cöster and Hannibal Thorsen and the first clients are airborne from Abisko with Kallax Flyg with a smaller EC120 helicopter.

In 2006 Arctic Elements moves its helicopter base to Björkliden and the concept of heliski trips begins to take shape. The helicopter type AS350 B, which is a larger machine, is used in the operation.

In 2009, Arctic Elements switches helicopter supplier to Heli AB in Arjeplog for better helicopters, AS350 B2 and AS350 BA.

In 2010, Arctic Elements moves another step west to the Riksgränsen. The "Metro" Ski Lodge and Hotell Riksgränsen now become the base for Arctic Elements trips, higher standards of accommodation and food can now be offered. The base in Björkliden is maintained as well as accommodation in the hotel as an alternative.

In 2012 begins the cooperation with Partik "Strumpan" Strömsten, Lodge Manager at the Lodge in Riksgränsen. All pieces start falling in place and "Metro" begins to be adapted as heliski lodge. During periods, three helicopters are now required to meet the increased demand for Arctic Elements trips.

In 2018, the next step will be to rebuild and adapt the "Metro" to a fully optimized Heliski Lodge.

Prior to 2019 Arctic Elements places all activity in Riksgränsen and on the Metro Lodge to raise the standards for its clients. Arctic Elements also opens as the first heliski operator a second Lodge in Norway, Narvik Mountain Lodge located above the city of Narvik with the Atlantic as its nearest neighbor. Arctic Elements also replaces the helicopter supplier to Cassel Aero and upgrades all of its helicopters to the latest and modernest AS350 B3+ helicopters.

20 years later!
Arctic Elements now operate a full scale Heliski Operation including 2 Lodges and 3 helicopters. Arctic Elements Team consists of Mattias who is Head Lead Guide and 8 IFMGA/UIAGM mountain guides, 6 helicopter pilots, 2 massagers and 1 ground coordinator.

Semi Private

For our packages the helicopter can be used by a maximum of two groups simultaneously where each group consists of 5 persons.

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Private Sweden

Decide how many helicopter hours and how many metres of vertical drop you want to include and when you want to go.

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Private Norway

A truly unique trip that includes the best from both Norway and Sweden. Arctic Elements Private Lodge with Europes coolest heliport.

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