The Arctic Landscape

Our Environmental Plan


Together with love, respect and awe for the mountains and the arctic landscape we would like to provide you with the ultimate freeride experience. This and all other forms of tourism will make footprints in the environment. To preserve the origin of the environment it is required of all the involved participants in the Arctic mountain area to work actively towards reducing their impact on the environment. Arctic Elements is striving to operate after lasting values in consideration of the enviromental issues.

The mountain area is very vaste and the prospect of keeping it completely free of impact is varying. Improved technology, planning and cooperation will reduce the negative effects on the environment. Arctic Element is operating by the standards set by the Swedish Government and The Swedish Air Traffic Inspection. In addition to this we are striving towards certain goals in our environmental plan. Arctic Elements is striving to use the most modern technology in helicopters with regards to safety, fuel consumption and noise level.

-We plan all of our flights to minimize the effect of noice.
-We cooperate with the Sami reindeer keepers to minimize the impact on the Sami culture and the animal life.
-We are dedicated to avoid landing and take off where we could disturbe other tourists.
-We cooperate with other tourist operators to reduce environmental impact.
-We avoid flying in areas with sensitive animal life.

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