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Halvbild Kepa Svartvit

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We've gathered the answers to some of our most asked questions below.

How meny vertical metres do you guarantee?

All heliskipackages are based on helicopter time stated in the reservation, NOT vertical metres. The vertical metres is only used as a guideline to show how much we are able to ski if the conditions are good.

What´s the skill level to participate?

You should be a good skier or boarder with experinence from offpiste or backcontry skiing.

What´s the average metres skied in one day?

In average a good skier or boarder skis about 7-8 000 vertical metres per day.

What is the terrain like in your area?

All skiing or boarding is performed above treeline in high alpine terrain.

If the weather is bad, what happens then?

We offer several downday activities. Take a look at our downday activities »

What is you refund policy?

All helicopter time that is not used due to bad weather is refunded accordingly to our Terms of agreements. Terms of agreements

How many people do you allow in each group?

We operate with 5:1 guide ratio and a maximum of two groups per helicopter.

Do you mix skiers and snowboarders?

Yes, it does not effect our choice of terrain or effect your experience with us.

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