Terms of agreements

Arctic Elements terms for Semi-private & Private trips

Terms of agreements

Cancellation insurance and travel insurance

1. Cancellation insurance and travel insurance cannot be purchased from Arctic Elements. Please refer to your personal home insurance or private travel insurance.

Entry Fee & Final payment

2. Entry fees for "Semi-private" trips are as follows: 3 days = 5 000 SEK, 4 days = 10 000 SEK, 7 days = 15 000 SEK. For "Private" trips it is 20% of the total cost. Entry fee is per person. The entry fee is paid within 7 days from final reservation. Final payment is paid 90 days before arrival.

Cost of cancellation without cancellation insurance

3. The guest has the right to cancel the package without cancellation insurance at the following cost: When cancelling within more than 90 days prior to the start of the package; the entire entry fee. When cancelling within less than 90 days prior to the start of the package; the entire cost of the package.

Default of payment

4. Arctic Elements has the right to cancel a guest who has not paid the entry fee on time. If final payment is not received on time, Arctic Elements has the right to cancel the agreement and not refund the entry fee.

Rebooking – Change of names and number of booking participants

5. A rebooking or change in the agreement made by the guest is considered as a cancellation and a new reservation. Arctic Elements will debit an amendment fee of 500 SEK for administrative costs.

Activities on site

6. All activities during the trip to the destination and during your stay are done at your own risk, as participant in Arctic Elements and the activities/events of external parties, such as skiing within and outside of the ski area’s boundaries. The guest is responsible to stay informed of current regulations and conditions and abide by them. The guest is responsible for following the instructions as stated by the organizer. Arctic Elements declines all responsibility for events operated by external parties. By registering for Arctic Elements you acknowledge that there are inherent risks and hazards when heliskiing in mountainous areas in winter weather conditions. You are aware of the fact that even a highly qualified mountain guide and mountain pilot are not infallible. It is impossible to control these hazards and conditions and the guides and pilots duty will only consist in minimising these risks.

7. The individual organizer is responsible for all activities. Accordingly, it is the organizer’s conditions and insurance that apply during eventual accident.

8. All trips are based on helicopter time stated in the reservation, NOT vertical metres. The number of vertical metres is only used as a guideline to show how much we are able to ski if the conditions are good.

9. Heliskiing is conducted only when the pilot and heli guide consider it possible as per current weather and snow conditions.

10. If pre-booked helicopter time cannot be carried out due to inclement weather, a refund of 200 EUR per person/helicopter hour of unused flying time is given. The helicopter time is based on the helicopter's flight recorder and are leveled out to 6 minute intrervals.

11. If the trip is cancelled, guests who reserved the trip are contacted at the latest 14 days before the arrangement begins and the guests are refunded the entire cost of the package.

Extras on location

12. Costs incurred on site in addition to the basic price of the trip, such as extra helicopter time, other activities etc. shall be paid on site before departure.

Force majeure

13. Compensation or refund does not apply in the case of events outside our control such as a natural disaster.


14. Arctic Elements retains the rights to carry out eventual changes to the conditions during the present season for guests who conclude new agreements.

15. The organizer, according to the Travel Guarantees Act, is Arctic Elements AB, which has also arranged travel guarantees as prescribed by law to the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency.

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