Our Keywords

Professionalism, Safety, Passion, Service

Our Team


Arctic Elements guides all have a great passion for skiing and working with people. All of the Arctic Elements guides have at least 15 years of experience in professional guiding in high alpine terrain. In addition to professionalism and high education requirements in the profession, it is important for us that our guides also take care of our guests "of the mountain". Arctic Elements cooperates with international certified mountain guides UIAGM/IVBV/IFMGA.


Arctic Elements helicopter pilots have an average of 5000 flight hours with extensive experience of mountain aviation. All pilots are trained together with Arctic Elements guides based on a jointly developed "OM" Operational Manual. Many of our pilots are also skiers, which is a great advantage during heliskiing. Arctic Elements guides and pilots are a "Team" with at least 10 years of experience working together.


The Arctic Elements wellness team takes care of our guests after a long day on the mountain. In all our trips there are massages and treatments at our Lodges in Sweden and Norway. At our private lodge in Norway there is also Yoga for relaxation and recovery. Our massagers focus on classic massage designed for skiers. Your circulation and recovery are improved and the risk of damage is minimized.

Lodge Managers

Arctic Elements Lodge Managers with staff are those who take care of you at the accommodation. They coordinate and work to make your stay at the Lodge the absolute best possible. The theme of our Lodges is to make you feel at home, personally and to a very high standard on all aspects such as delicious food from the kitchen and good wines and drinks or a cold beer from the bar.

Ground personal

Arctic Elements ground personals are the ones you usually meet first at the airport. In all of our trips you can add a transfer, which means a private shuttle to and from the airport. The ground crew manages all the practicalities in and around our operation on the ground, such as transfer, ski service, maintenance and local transportation.

Mattias Cöster

Head Lead guide / Director of Operations

Mattias is founder and Head Lead Guide since 2004. Mattias lives with his family Pernilla and his son Zeb in Riksgränsen, Åre & Stockholm. For over 20 years, Mattias has worked as a guide with skiing as his specialty. Mattias has primarily worked in the Arctic regions in northern Norway and Sweden, but also in the Alps, Canada and Japan. During the years, Mattias has approximately 8,000 guided heliski runs in the specific heliski area.

Mattias is also a certified commercial helicopter pilot. As a pilot and with 20 years of experience working as guide together with the local knowledge Mattias possesses, all Arctic Elements guides and pilots have been "trained" into the Arctic Elements profile. Mattias is extremely safety aware and ambitious at all times and has always worked after Arctic Elements motto, "Low Risk, Satisfied Clients"!

Josef Moravek


"Pepino" has been fascinated by mountains since his youth. As a climber he has climbed most of the highest mountain ranges in the world. From classical climbs in the Alps, through expeditions to the wild Caucasus and Pamir, up to the 8 000 peaks of Karakoram and the Himalayas. Pepino is a very experienced guide and loves skiing. He is a father and a grandfather.

2006 Pepino got his UIAGM exam and skitouring and freeride are now his profession and passion.
As a member of the Arctic Elements team, he is helping to provide unforgettable experiences to our guests since 2014.

Jörgen Karström


Jörgen is a calm and positive person who often impresses the guests with his ability to ski without any effort. Has a long track that goes from the Riksgränsen and Lapland mountains, climbing instructor at Lofoten, La Grave, Chamonix and beyond in the world. He has trained avalanche knowledge for the ski-patrol in Gulmarg and guided in Iran, Caucasus and Himalayas.

In addition to Swedish and English, he also speaks French and Russian! A mountain guide with long and broad experience of almost everything from Haute Route tours and Alpine climbing to Heliski.

Karel Kritz


Karel is orignally a teacher of geography educated at the pedagogical faculty of pilsen. Karel was examined as a mountain guide in 2006. He is a skier in the soul and work both on skis and snowboard. For 10 years he lives in Austria in Sölden and works at the Freeride Center.

Learning is probably Charles's fate, with a philosophical approach, Karel tries to give people experience about the mountains and as a bonus he gets dozens of interesting opinions back. Karel has been working with Arctic Elements since 2015.

Jimmy Halvardsson


Jimmy is father of two boys which he loves spending time with on his days of the mountain together with his wife. Since 2007 he works full time as a mountain guide and for the past 15 years Jimmy has guided mainly in Chamonix, Lyngsalperna and the area around Tromsø Norway.

He has a mixed ski and climbing background with climbs of classic north faces in the Alps. For the past 10 years he has specialized his guiding towards skiing in northern Norway.

Pontus Birkeland

Helicopter Pilot

Pontus started flying for Arctic Elements in 2014 and has worked at Cassel Aero since 2011. 

In addition to flying, Pontus has a great skiing interest and is happy to change the levers to skis when given the opportunity. 

Pontus has a large and broad experience of varying flight with the AS 350. With just over 3500 hours in the logbook where a large part of the flight is done in a mountain environment, Pontus is one of Sweden's most experienced heli-ski pilots.

Pernilla Lager

Coordinating Manager & Masseur

Pernilla has a background as a journalist and has worked with several major TV productions for 20 years, both in Sweden and abroad.

For 5 years, Pernilla now works full time as a massager and yoga instructor. Pernilla is working on prevention based on a holistic approach, where all parts must feel good to function fully.

Pernilla is responsible for Arctic Elemnt's wellness part both at Metro Lodge, Narvik Chalet and on our boat.

Josef Simunek


Joseph is from the Czech Republic and is the father of two children. He has been working as a mountain guide for 15 years. Specializing in expedition tours in the high altitude Himalayas and ski guided tours in places such as Russia, Georgia, Canada and the Alps.

Josef is President of the Czech Mountain Guide Organization and Education Manager for Guide Training. Through its travel agency Namche, Josef has the agency of Arctic Elements in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Josef speaks 5 languages ​​and always has a smile on his lips, loves beer, especially of course Pilsner urquel from the Czech Republic. With his extensive network of guides, Josef has helped recruit talented guides to Arctic Elements, hence so many of his countrymen who work with us. Josef has been working with Arctic Elements since 2009.

Juras Self


Juras started climbing at the age of 14 in northern range of Czech sandstone areas. In this traditional climbing he found his life passion. He runs through all styles of climbing, from bouldering to ice climbing. He runs his own climbing school since 2006 where he concentrates especially on kids, raising new climbing generation. Juras also has a background as a professional cross country skier for meny years.

In 2015 he became UIAGM mountain guide and focuses more on climbing in mountains. In winter he is specialized in heliskiing and ski touring.

Miki Knizka


Miki is an experienced climber, skier and traveler mostly living in Slovakia’s High Tatras and Canada’s western provinces.

Miki is a member of the family of 110 professional mountain guides from (CMH) Canadian Mountain Holidays. Miki has worked for CMH in Canada as a Heliski Guide for meny years.

His passion for learning and exploring constantly leads him to travel around the world. His expeditions vary greatly as his interests do, but they mostly include heliski, ski mountaineering, alpine climbing, mountain biking and trekking.

Roman Kozelka


Roman love adventure and always have a positive attitude to everything. In addition to his mountain guide education, Roman also has medical examinations. He is the father of two children and runs the Summit travel agency. Roman has specialized in exotic destinations and works with the whole world as a workplace.

Some of Romans favorite destinations beside Sweden is Morocco, Nepal, Russia, South America, Africa, Japan, Iceland and Canada are destinations that Roman guides in winter. Roman has been working with Arctic Elements since 2018.

Mikael Friberg

Helicopter Pilot

Mikael is the owner and chief pilot of Cassel Aero. Flying has dominated Michael's life since young years, where he already flew airplane when he was 16 years old.

Mikael has over 6 000 hours of helicopter hours in his log book and is one of Swedens most experienced pilots on the type A-star.

Mikael started flying for Arctic Elements already in 2009 and has acquired unique skills as heliski pilot over the years.

Oskar Fahlgren

Helicopter Pilot

Oskar has been working as a helicopter pilot for over 10 years. He has flown assignments in South Africa for 5 years, but it is in the Swedish mountains that Oskar has his base, more specifically Hemavan.

Oskar started working as a pilot at Arctic Elements 2018. With his experience in mountain flying he is an invaluable resource in the team.

Oskar has over 6000 hours in his logbook which makes him one of Sweden's most experienced pilots.

Magnus Nordström


Magnus has worked in various branches, everything from dive tourism in Asia to heavy offshore industry on the North Sea and it resulted in a few companies of his own.

With experience of running and developing different types of businesses and a passion for skiing and the stunning area above the arctic circle that still are unknown for many he saw great potential in Arctic Elements. In his role as ambassador he will support Mattias and his family any way he can to make a great experience even greater.

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