General information from Arctic Elements (COVID-19)

Updated 2020-04-05

General information from Arctic Elements to our customers following the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading across Europe some of you have voiced concerns about our trips.

The coronavirus doesn’t affect Arctic Elements’ package deals in Sweden at this time. All parts included in our packages are performed as arranged. Arctic Elements business continues as usual in Sweden. April 3d Riksgränsen ski-resort announced that they will continue to be open.

Regarding Corona COVID 19 in Sweden 

The Swedish Government has forbidden public events, such as sports events, concerts, theaters, conferences and demonstrations, with over 50 people and that restriction applies until further notice.

It is not relevant to close the country boarders states Swedish Prime Minister. Everyone is urged to limit the spread of infection. If you feel ill stay at home. If you have been in a risk-affected country and become ill, you must test on COVID 19 and be in quarantine until you get the answer. Some companies are obliging their employees to work from home.

Regarding Questions about Up-coming trips, Cancelations & Refunds

We ask you to keep you updated on this page. Information is changing from day to day and it is impossible to answer questions regarding travel ahead in time. If you already know that you cannot carry out your trip as planned, please notify us as soon as possible.

All issues regarding cancellations and the right to any refund, see our our Terms & Conditions