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During our expedition there is a large selection of alternative activities if the weather should stop us from skiing.

All our yachts carry a large selection of water toys such as submarines, smaller boats, jet skis and kayaks. There are also several great places to visit on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Itinerary at a glance

Antarctic Sound & Brown Bluff

Cruise through "Iceberg Alley", take your first steps on mainland continental Antarctica. Walk through colonies of gentoo and adelie penguins.

Trinity & Spert Islands

Explore Trinity Island and spot Antarctic wildlife including seal colonies, chinstrap and gentoo penguins. Discover amazing rock formations at Spert Island. Cruise towards Enterprise Island, searching for humpbacks and orcas.

Enterprise Island & Cerlache Strait

Explore the wreck of Norwegian whaler ship, Governoen, cruise the the Gerlache Strait to Cuverville Island anchoring to sea. Kayak and paddle board among hugh populations of penguins and seals.

Neumayer Channel & Port Lockroy

Navigate with captain through the iceberg-filled Neumayer Channel. Hike around Port Lockroy and old British base and now a designated historic site. Visit Palmer Station, the US Antarctic programs base while looking for leopard seals and adélie penguins.

Lemaire Channel & Vernadsky Base

Search for whales along the stunning "Kodak Cap" and visit the research base where the hole in the ozone layer was first discovered. Snowshoe across the glacier and go ice climbing on Mount Shackleton.

Paradise Bay & Neko Harbour

Explore the amazing Paradise Bay before cruising round Neko Harbour, home to minke whales and weddell seals. Set off on a very kayak adventure. Paddle through quite channels to an unnamed island deep in the channel.

Deception Island

Ski tour and paddle to Skontorp Cove to rejoin you vessel. Explore the volcanic Deception Island, home to and old whaling station. Take swim in the geothermic shallows. Discover the chinstrap penguin colony with an estimate 100,000 mating pairs.

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