Antarctica experienced

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Our helicopters

In Antarctica, helicopters that are certified to take off and land on ships are required. This means that all helicopters that operate are twin engine helicopters equipped with pop-outs for emergency landings on water.

Depending on which super yacht is used, the helicopter type is then adapted. Regardless of the size of the group, we use two helicopters for safety reasons. We then have the opportunity to reach further into the continent than if we only operated with one helicopter which is then limited to flying within "line of sight" from the yacht.

Only one of our superyachts is equipped with two helicopter landing sites, Le Dacha. The others who only have one helicopter landing site operate together with a support vessel "DAP" that carries both helicopters which then shadows the main superyacht. The helicopter types we use in Antarctica are Bolkow B105, AS 355 & EC 135.

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