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Semi private

Semi Private Packages means that the helicopter can be used by a maximum of two groups simultaneously where each group consists of 5 persons. These packages is also a good choice if you are riding alone since we fill up the helicopter to complete groups. Everything is included in our packages, except for the transfer to and from the airport which iii can add to your booking.

During the days we will cover enormous areas with the help of the helicopter and the guide who will take you to the best runs for the day. When we start to feel tired we will find a suitable resting spot and enjoy a good lunch. After a long day we will return to our base and have a hot sauna, a much-needed massage and a nice dinner.

In all our packages a certain amount of helicopter time is included, depending on which trip you book. The helicopter time is the amount of time the helicopter is in the air flying. The amount of days we go heliskiing and how many metres of vertical drop we can do depends entirely on the current conditions. Seven days = 7,5 hours of helicopter time, four days = 5 hours of helicopter time and three days = 2,5 hours of helicopter time. On each package the helicopter and guide is booked only for your trip and you always the option to add helicopter time on location if the pre booked hours are used.

We offer Semi Private packages during our whole season, Sunday-Sunday, Sunday-Thursday, and Thursday-Sunday during the whole season from beginning of March until end of May.

For the ultimate experience, our Three day heliski-trips can be combined with

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Included in our trips

- 7,5 hours of helicopter time (seven days), 5 hours of helicopter time (four days) & 2,5 hours of helicopter time (three days)

- Accommodation in single or double room at Metro Ski Lodge

- All meals

- Avalanche back-pack ABS, transceiver, shovel & probe

- Skis & poles

- Mountainguide

Add to your trip before arrival

- Transfer to and from Kiruna Airport or Narvik Harstad/Evenes Airport = 150 EUR per person

Add to your trip on location

- Massage = 60 EUR per person (25 min), 110 EUR per person (50 min)
- Extra helicopter time = 600 EUR per person/hour


Day 1 (Arrival day = Sunday or Thursday) - Welcome dinner 19.00 at the Lodge

Day 2 - Hand out of equipment. Transceiver training, helicopter briefing & guidelines. Heliskiing

Day 2-7 - Heliskiing depending on package

Day 3,4 or 7 (Departure day) - Check out 11.00. The day of departure also works as a ski day until 15.00

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