Svalbard - Spitsbergen

the world's northernmost civilization
Arctic Elements


Distant, mysterious and extreme! Spitsbergen is Norway's Arctic crown. Imagine vast glaciers and impressive summits in treeless surroundings. Thanks to Svalbard’s remote location halfway between the Norwegian mainland and the North Pole, extreme cold is expected, but thanks to the Gulf Stream, Spitsbergen and the other islands in Svalbard have a surprisingly mild climate with clearly defined seasons. Exotic and challenging for ski touring trips. We find most of the skiing on the western side of the archipelago.

Svalbard means “cold coasts” and has fascinated travelers for a long time. Svalbard consists of 60% of glaciers. The rest is largely mountain made for skiing. The archipelago, with the largest island of Spitsbergen, is located all the way up at 78th latitude. In the northeastern part of the Spitsbergen lies the Newton peak, which with its 1713 meters above sea level is the highest point of the archipelago.

The realm of the polar bear also known as the ‘Wildlife Capital of the Arctic! The Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard is a magnificent place to visit if spotting polar bears, whales, walruses and other unique wildlife is on your bucket-list. A magical world of endless untouched ski-touring terrain and unique wildlife – this is Svalbard in a nutshell. One of the northernmost inhabited places on earth!

We invite you to one of the most exotic places in the world for ski-touring!

Included in our trips

- Six ski-days

- Accommodation seven days on board M/S Bergsund in twin cabin

- All meals

- Beverges & non-alcoholich drinks

- Avalanche back-pack, transceiver, shovel & probe

- Alpine equipment for glacier travel

- Touring skis, poles & skins (split-board is not included)

- Mountainguide

- Polar bear protection

- Massage

- Edited movie from your trip

- Transfer (only 10 min) to and from the airport (Longyearbyen Svalbard)


Day 1 (Arrival day = Sunday) - Welcome dinner 19.00 on M/S Bergsund

Day 2 - Hand out of equipment. Ski-touring

Day 2-7 - Ski-touring

Day 8 (Departure day = Sunday)

Lofoten, 4 days

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Svalbard, 7 days

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